What happens in Vegas...

...is going on Instagram!

That's right - at the end of May, we're headed to Las Vegas to accept our Saveur Best Food Blog Award!  Thanks to all of you, we won the Readers' Choice Award for Best Culinary Travel Blog, and it's likely going to take a few days until the shock wears off.  Maybe some bubbly will help us snap out of this sweet, sweet fog?

We are in unbelievably talented company, as the duo behind Eating Asia were selected as Editors' Choice in our category; you can see the rest of the winners here on Saveur's website.

When we started planning FEAST, we sometimes had a hard time imagining how we'd get ourselves out of BC, let alone across the country and back again.  It all came together in the end, however, and the gift of being able to travel and share our experiences has been unbelievable; FEAST has been a true passion project.

These matching outfits were not intentional....

To now be recognized with a Saveur award is almost beyond belief, and it feels amazing to join a new community of people who love culinary exploration as much as we do. 

Thanks again to Saveur, to our readers, and to everyone who has helped make FEAST possible.  We look forward to sharing our shenanigans from Vegas, and the rest of our edible road trip!