Iceberg Wine at Auk Island

Pleasingly, the rest of our time in Twillingate was spent drinking wine, and hiking.  

We visited Auk Island Winery, which is located in an old schoolhouse and named for the now-extinct, penguin-like Great Auk.

Auk Island’s wines are made with berries picked locally by residents, including partridgeberries, blueberries, bakeapples, and crowberries, which look like black partridgeberries.  They grow on similar low-lying shrub in northern climates, and are packed with antioxidants, manganese, copper, and vitamin C.  

Seeing as they’re located in Iceberg Alley, the winery also blends iceberg water into some of their products. 

We especially loved the bakeapple iceberg wine, and bought a bottle to impress people with later.  

With such favourable weather and a need to stretch our legs, we then sought out French Beach. 

It’s an easy little hike with plenty of rocks to clamber on, more of Twillingate’s epic views, and washed up ocean relics.  

Having gotten some exercise (albeit, just a little….), we walked up to the Crow’s Nest Café for a snack. 

Their small shop is filled with all kinds of wonderful local art, which I found whimsical and exemplary of the area. 

The cafe sits at the top of a hill, providing yet another opportunity to look out over the Atlantic.  

Twillingate truly charmed us.  We left with cod and touton-filled bellies, a bottle of bakeapple wine, and a genuine desire to return.  

Next up, we share the story of our favourite photo from the whole trip, as well as the craziest video….