Hey Team FEAST, Will You Help ShareTheMeal?

Hi everyone! Exciting news: today, in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the World Food Programme launched their #ASK1TOASK1 campaign, which asks all Canadians to join the challenge to raise 150,000 meals for children in Haiti.

We are beyond privileged to lead the lives we do, having the opportunities to work, travel, and eat not just out of necessity, but for pleasure. Of course, not everyone is so lucky, including millions of children worldwide.

How can we all help reach this goal of 150,000 donated meals? By using the beautifully designed ShareTheMeal app that's free to download to your phone, it's easy to donate a week’s (or more) worth of meals to a child in need.

We’ve donated a month’s worth of meals on behalf of FEAST, and challenge everyone reading this, if it’s within your means, to do the same. It literally takes minutes, and you’ll be surprised at just how far your money goes!

Once you’ve donated, share the campaign online with the hashtag #ASK1TOASK1, and challenge everyone you know to get involved, too. 

Thanks, friends! You the best. 

Pre-Order Bonus Recipes + Tour Dates

Hi friends,

First, we're very excited to announce a few book tour dates!

Second, we have a gift for you! And who doesn’t love a good gift? For those of you who have pre-ordered the cookbook, you now have access to the Pre-Order Bundle of Joy (yes, we named it ourselves), a collection of six bonus recipes and photos. It compliments the book beautifully, and is our way of saying thank you for your support. It’s also a great excuse for us to share even more food and stories from the road!

Gaining access to your Pre-Order Bundle of Joy is easy: simply email with proof of purchase (ie. a screenshot of your online order), and get cooking even before the book comes out. And for those of you on Instagram, don’t forget to tag your photos with #feastthebook.

For those who have not yet pre-ordered, you can do so at any of the following links:

You but copies from your local book sellers. Find them here.

Don't forget to check out our tour schedule, and stay tuned as we’ll be adding even more dates soon.

With love and thanks,

Linds & Dana