This project was possible almost entirely through the donations of many inspiring individuals and organizations.  We are so grateful and truly astounded by the support we have received from our friends, family, people from their networks, and many people who we met along the way. Here's a list of truly wonderful people in the world:

Jeff Martin  -  You are swell (and our first donor!)
Jillian Povarchook  -  You are marvelous
Emily Teel  -  You are sensational
Catherine Down  -  You are groovy
David Dandy  -  You are peachy
Rachel Byrne  -  You are monumental
Matt Wellman & Jennifer Tinko  -  You are too kind!
Mary & Dave Duck  -  You are splendid
Allieren Ward  -  You are stately
Lindsay Wenaas  -  You are suberb
Linda Baker  -  You are top-notch
Catherine Crawford  -  You are tremendous
Megan Wollenberg  -  You are fabulous
Derek VanVeller  -  You are a dynamite
Jack & Alice Stelpstra  -  You are faaantastic
Kaela Augustine  -  You are wondrous
 Vancouver Is Awesome  -  You are, well, awesome !
Kyle Vipond  -  You are fine
Dan Thiessen  -  You are terrific
 Amy Cheshire  -  You are stupendous
Sophia Mancini  -  You are something else!
Alanna Scott  -  You are superior
 Paul Rockower  -  You are wonderful
Mary Ellen & Peter Fitch  -  You're an inspiration
Lauren & David  -  You are brilliant 
Lindsay Dunn  -  You are remarkable
Ariel Smith  -  You are astonishing
Gloria Davis  -  You are exceptional
Kate & Bryan Colvin  -  You are outstanding
Odete Pinho  -  You are so sweet
Hannah Bernard  -  You are world-class
 Suzie Hoban  -  You are momentous
 Ona Praderas Sanchez  -  You are phenomenal
Matt Balcaras  -  You are smashing
Julie Anderson  -   You are wonderful
Christina Tsang  -  You are distinguished
Marnie Thwaites  -  You are ethereal
Larry Stefan & Karen Stierhoff  -  You are exquisite
Sarah Wex  -  You're a riot!
Jacquelyn Chi  -  You are the coolest
Bruce & Marinela Lyle  -  You are astounding
Natalie Danger Esser  -  You are... dangerous!
Priscilla Nerdahl  -  You are rad
Cassandra Shire  -  You are super
Ann Mott  -  You are tremendous
Kirsten Jones  -  You are the best
Wendy Jones  -  You are first-rate!
Taryn Thiessen  -  You are a virtuoso
Kari Jonker  -  You are commendable
Alejandro Lyle  -  You are the cat's pyjamas

Hannah Beck  -  You are dreamy
Meaghan Esser  -  You are praise-worthy
Carey Polis  -  You are talented
David Abramovich  -  You are stupefying
Liz Baterina  -  You are glorious
Julie Angelini  - You are unreal
Movita Beaucoup  -  You are ace
Crave Public Relations  -  You are valuable
Chris Beaver & Heather Mercer  -  You are shipshape
Janice Kamide  -  You are generous
Charmian Christie  -  You are precious
Stephen Duck  -  You are accomplished
Michal Lavi  -  You are creative
Cara Lacey  -  You are flawless
Shannon-May Pringle  -  You are regal
Shareba Abdul - You are priceless
Hannah Klassen - You sparkle
Katie Mott - You are dynamic
Mandie Cross - You are genuine
Carole Ardell - You are bright
Linda Bateman - You are convivial
Megan Thwaites - You are beyond compare
Michala Bloomfield - You are dazzling
Peter Gray - You are brave
NVWTheEditor - You are wondrous
Joey Armstrong - You are whiz-bang
Robyn Levy - You are resplendent
Jenessa Warren Bitton - You are legendary
Margaret Stearn - You are grand
Mark Anderson - You are wicked awesome!
Monique Cheung - You are impress
Denise Esser - You are downright cool
Christina D'Esposito - You are heroic
Sharon Mason - You are splendiferous
Jennifer Fix - You are the bomb
Shelley Perry - You are sunshine
Barbara Dale - You are famous
Marie Gilbert - You are tres chic
Jackie Trofanenko - You are the real thing
Kingsbrae Garden - You are so hospitable!
Janice Chan - You are impeccable
Alyosha Boldt - You are a speedy, awesome dude
Janet Esser - You are heart-warming
Aimee Wimbush-Bourque - You are simply great!
Georgina Cross - You are a woman to admire
Linda Costain - You are the bee's knees
Havi Echenberg - You are enthralling
Valerie Lugonja - You are a kindred spirit

.... and many other incredibly generous, suberbly impressive, anonymous donators.