And We're Off...

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Today is the day folks: June 27th, 2013, the official start of our cross-Canada journey.  Ready or not, we are leaving.  We are about to officially buckle our FEAST-belts and drive away from our respective homes and dear community for this--a wild adventure that just might work! 

On this website, you can expect to find diverse content, all of it with roots within our Canadian borders.  We want to focus on food grown here, food produced here, and Canadians who are doing cool things with food North of the 49th parallel.  We have put together a FAQ page to hopefully answer some of the common questions that we get. 

This four month road trip could go on for four years, and we wouldn’t even come close to comprehensively describing Canadian food; there are simply too many tables at which we could gather.  Therefore, please forgive us if we don’t get to your city or region, or if we don’t manage to visit a ‘must-visit’ site.  Trust us, it won’t be for lack of trying.  The foods we’ll be talking about won’t necessarily be exclusively Canadian, but if they’re extraordinary, edible, and within our borders, we figure they’re fair game. 

You might get to know us quite personally over the next four months.  Here’s a start: Lindsay once ate a large quantity of butter, mistaking it for cheese, and Dana was once carried down a mountain in Malaysia by four men while strapped in a stretcher.  You will discover that we are both boisterous morning people, we find our own lame jokes pretty funny, and we can easily talk about the joys of caramelized fennel for a solid half hour (or more).

Hopefully through it all, you will enjoy yourselves.  We will certianly do our best to document every interesting thing we come across and share it with you!

The past few weeks of preparation have been delightfully BUSY.  We have been doing everything from negotiating sponsorship agreements, to keeping up with our endless email and social media correspondences, to packing up our apartments, to taking photos and chatting with some of the fine people working in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland food scene.   We have had some great media coverage, including articles in Scout Magazine and the Huffington Post Canada.

Today, we are starting our journey to Vancouver Island where we will visit Cowichan Bay, Spring Island with West Coast Expeditions, and Victoria.  From June 28th until July 2nd, we will largley be without internet access, but will still post content about our time in Vancouver leading up to our departure. 

Don't forget to check out our Indiegogo Campaign - now let's start this FEAST! 


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