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Hello, and welcome to FEAST!  We've launched our campaign on Indiegogo and we hope you'll have a look!  In return for your donations, we've got some tasty perks including a forthcoming FEAST cookbook.  Now... what is FEAST?

FEAST: An Edible Road Trip is an entertaining, ambitious and unpretentious storytelling initiative, a curious and reflective foray into the world of Canadian food culture.  Through FEAST, we seek to celebrate Canadians who contribute to a more vibrant food system in our country, and feature many regional foods grown and/or produced in Canada.  FEAST will also highlight issues of food security, exploring some of the difficulties within our food systems and the impacts these can have.  In everything we do, we seek to be celebratory, thoughtful, fun, and engaging, and sincerely hope you'll learn along with us.  


In order to get ourselves across all ten provinces and three territories and produce outstanding daily content for you, we first need to do some fundraising.  That's why we've launched an Indiegogo campaign with an aim of raising $30,000.  This money will help us cover the costs of gas, camping fees, ferry trips, flights to Nunavut, insurance, car maintenance, web-hosting, incidentals, and of course - food!  Our favourite videographer, Mike of Warren Lane Pictures, help us put together this pitch video, and we hope it will convince you to pull up a chair and join in on the FEAST.  

Lindsay and Dana


World Premiere of the FEAST: An Edible Road Trip Launch Video

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BIG shout out to Colourful Language (our favourite Canadian band) for appearing in the video.  Follow them @colourlanguage!