FEAST on This #13: Salted Butter Ice Cream at Kem CoBa

Salted butter ice cream.  It’s a thing, an honest to goodness real thing, and you can try at Kem CoBa in Montreal.  Janice of Kitchen Heals Soul told us about this artisanal ice cream parlour when we were at Dieu du Ciel, and when we stumbled across it on our way home one night, we considered it fate.

So, what does salted butter ice cream taste like? 

Well, I'm going to go ahead and be the worst food writer of all time and describe it as 'buttery.'  Because that's simply the most apt descriptor.  It had the creamy coolness of ice cream and the comforting taste of freshly-churned sunshine.  Because that's what butter is. 

I wouldn’t want to eat an entire scoop on its own – too rich - but I would like to have it on a slice of warm bread and butter pudding.  Or cinnamon cake.  Or pie.   

We also tried the 72% dark chocolate ice cream, the blueberry sorbet, and a frozen yogurt/apple sorbet twist.  Kem CoBa is the perfect way to cap off a night, or the perfect place to visit if you've just baked bread and butter pudding.

Or cinnamon cake.

Or pie.