Dieu du Ciel: Food Bloggers of Canada and FEAST Tweetup #4

Our FBC Tweetup in Montreal was exceptional.  The pub, the beer, and especially the company.  Three Montreal-based food bloggers met us at Dieu du Ciel (a hugely popular microbrewery), where we perched on wooden bar stools and talked for hours.

So who were these wonderful ladies?

Christelle of ‘Christelle is Flabbergasting’ is a Paris to Montreal transplant, and a phenomenal writer, designer, and photographer.  Don’t go to her website unless you have time to spare, because her recipes and food photos will draw you in.  It’s the  perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.    


Janice, who was kind enough to help organize the Tweetup, is the blogger behind Kitchen Heals Soul, a great site for recipes of all kinds.  She also happens to have a PhD in chemistry.  Therefore, I trust her baking more than anyone’s, because she can actually tell me why my cake rose, fell, shrank, or exploded.  I can barely spell the word science, let alone understand it, so I think that’s amazing.   


Aimée is the mother of three adorable children and the beautiful blog Simple Bites, winner of Saveur magazine’s Best Kids’ Cooking Blog 2013 (whoa).  From her home north of the city, Aimée shares recipes that everyone – not just kids - will want to eat.  She invited us to come over for a jam swap she was hosting a few days later, and we happily accepted.  That post up next….

If you’re visiting Montreal anytime soon, and especially if you’re a beer nerd, we highly recommend a visit to Dieu du Ciel.  It’s guaranteed to be filled with reveling locals, and an ever-changing selection of brews.  

Thanks so much to the Food Bloggers of Canada for connecting us with Christelle, Janice, and Aimée, and to the ladies themselves for joining us.  We feel so privileged to have met you, and are already looking forward to the next conversation we share over a pint!