Sourdough News + a Video!

We have two bits of great, sourdough-related news: the first is that our dear friends at Sidewalk Citizen have opened a new bakery in Calgary!

Postcards from Good Food Jobs: James McKerricher

We interrupt our regular programming to announce something we’ve been excited about for a while now.  It's in collaboration with Good Food Jobs, a website dedicated to helping people find meaningful work in the food world.  The site is run by two fantastic ladies, Taylor and Dorothy, who send out weekly newsletters with tips and advice, regularly feature people working jobs in the food industry on their blog, and post thousands (there are over 12,000 right now!) of food-related jobs to their website.

As part of our partnership with Good Food Jobs, we’ve made some short videos about Canadians we’ve found doing unique, inspiring, and/or just plain interesting work related to food in Canada.

Our first video brings us back to the summer, to the very beginning of our trip.  Remember James McKerricher? 

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 6.28.03 PM.jpg

How could you forget?  This guy is both a chef and a kayak guide, and works on Spring Island off the northwest coast of Vancouver Island for a pretty impressive company called West Coast Expeditions.

Watch our video to learn more about his journey!

Read more about our time eating and exploring on Spring Island in our three post series, and enjoy the video!

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