FEAST: An Edible Road Trip is going to be a COOKBOOK!

When we were on our trip, we had this wonderful little pipe dream that someday we'd put our stories on paper, not just the internet. We'd gather recipes from all the extraordinary people we’d met along the way, a collection that could speak to the diversity of not only Canada’s (crazy good) food, but also its people and its landscape.

A book seemed rather ambitious, but since we'd managed to travel 37,000 km in one piece, and that at first had seemed extreme, we decided to write a proposal. A very long, painstaking-written one. Then we got introduced to Robert McCullough and the fine folks at Random House Canada, and we handed off our proposal to them. And then, after a few months of nail-biting and frequent shouts to the sky, begging it to tell us "WHAT IS ROBERT THINKING!?" he got back to us. And said yes. HE SAID YES TO OUR PROPOSAL. The wedding book launch is planned for Spring 2017, just in time for Canada’s 150th birthday!

We’ll never be able to explain just how thrilled we were with that news. Or how excited we are now to be working with dozens of talented chefs, farmers, food producers, and others from all across the country. This is our tribute to Canada’s food and food community, and we are so, so thankful to have the opportunity to do it.

Naturally, we decided to celebrate with two of our favourite things (cake and beer) in one of our favourite places (the Pacific Northwest forest). Still trying to decide on just the right cake flavour for the ‘big’ day…..

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