And we're back....on the Atlantic!

A little over a year ago, we stood on the far-easterly Cape Spear, whipped by the commanding North Atlantic wind. 

We stood in awe of the ocean, in awe of the rocky green cliffs behind us, and in awe of the fact we’d made it that far.  Newfoundland was our tenth and final province to visit, and it had taken us four months to get there.  Almost as soon as we arrived, we began contemplating how soon we could come back.

Why?  Because after just two weeks in the province, Newfoundland had developed a formidable grip on our hearts.  It's this huge, blustery, rugged place, inhabited by people with personalities as big as the landscape (and that landscape is BIG).  The culture is one of devotion - to their communities, to music, to the sea, and to their history - with the many struggles of the past and present informing all of it.  And then they are just so darn welcoming to those who come from "away" - like us!  I have never met a group of people as proud of their home as Newfoundlanders are, or more pleased to share it.

This August, on the Pacific side of things, we received an email that left us staring gape-jawed at our computers.  It was from Legendary Coasts, inviting us back to the province for a festival we’d been pining over ever since we’d heard of it: Roots, Rants, and Roars.  Three weeks later, our bags packed with all the Autumn-wear we could find, we left for The Rock. 

We spent just over a week on Newfoundland this time; somehow, when we left, we felt like we’d been there for a month. 

We mean that in the best way possible; every morning, afternoon, and evening held so many beautiful sights and friendly people, we could have justified the cross-country trip for any one day alone.  The fact we had seven of them?  WHAT THE HECK, is all we can say.   

Last time we were in Newfoundland, we made our way from Port aux Basque to Corner Brook, up to the Tablelands, across to Twillingate, around the eastern peninsulas, and through to St. John’s.  On this trip, we stayed on the eastern half of the island, exploring the Avalon Peninsula, returning to Trinity, spending two days in Elliston for the festival, and staying our final night in the capital before heading home.

We did it all in a rental car significantly larger (and a wee bit sleeker) than the Yaris: a Dodge Charger.  We immediately dubbed it The Batmobile, and thoroughly enjoyed driving it. 

Its first stop after we left the airport?  Fixed Coffee for some of their homemade bagels, coffee, and, tea. 

It was the perfect breakfast after an overnight flight, during which we didn't get quite enough sleep. 

We’re so, so excited to be back sharing FEAST stories, and so glad to have you back reading them. 

In upcoming posts, we’ll share every adventure we had (and then some), a heck of a lot of pictures, and even a video of Dana catching a killer-sized cod....

Stay tuned!