The Charms of Shediac: Part 1

Shediac, New Brunswick is notable for many reasons.  A few include its proximity to numerous gorgeous beaches,


its reputation as a centre of Acadian culture,


and the fact it’s home to the biggest lobster statue in the world. 


Shediac is the lobster capital of the world, and they even host an annual festival each year to honour the bottom-dwelling creatures.  

By the time we arrived in Shediac, we’d been on the road for three months straight.  Even the hardiest of travellers crave rest eventually - perhaps even a little luxury…? 


Arriving at the Maison Tait, where we stayed while in the region, was the perfect antidote for our weary bones.  It’s a beautiful manor that was built in 1911 by the Taits, an affluent family responsible for pioneering and developing New Brunswick’s potato industry and export markets.  The building is now a Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Shediac, and we felt like darn lucky queens as we tucked ourselves in at night.


Chris MacAdam, Maison Tait’s head chef, works hard to create interesting menus that feature the many products of the region.  The Maison Tait team prepared a fantastic meal for us that can only be described as completely East Coast, from ingredients to hospitality.

The meal included a local seafood cioppino (including lobster, of course!); a beautiful plate of pan-seared scallops with a lentil cassoulet, asparagus, and beets; and a green salad dressed with maple curry vinaigrette. 


All this in an elegant yet comfortable dining room.  Our stay at Maison Tait was simply wonderful.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of our adventures in Shediac!