FEAST on This #7: Plate-sized Cinnamon Buns

Drive a couple hours north from Whitehorse to the Braeburn Lodge and you’ll find Steve, a Harley clad, white-bearded guy who’s famous for his cinnamon buns. 

At $10, these heavy weight goods are roughly the size of a dinner plate, and so famous that the nearby Braeburn airport also goes by the name of ‘Cinnamon Bun Airstrip.’


No one likes a dry cinnamon bun and, when we tell the story of this giant bun, many concerned folks ask questions such as “but what about the goo, is there enough goo?”  Naturally, we were concerned about this, too.  We’d heard about these buns a few months ago and as we drove the Klondike highway, inching closer and closer to the lodge, we were squirmy with nerves—what if they would not live up to the hype?  What if they were all mass and no sass?

We are happy to report the goo to pastry ratio was excellent, we very nearly finished the whole thing in one sitting, and, as you can well imagine, it sustained us for much of the rest of the day.

Anyone travelling from Whitehorse to Dawson would be a fool to miss out on this opportunity.  A fool.