Hello Okanagan! First Up: Fruit Stands


The word “Okanagan” summons three things to my mind: sun, wine, and fruit. 

A drive anywhere through the region will mean an endless string of fruit stands; some are old and some are new, but each one is packed with local fruit, produce, and a lovely sense of nostalgia. 


After Pemberton we headed north, and on our way from Penticton to Kelowna, we stopped in at Little Acre fruit stand, and spent a long while exploring the contents of its wooden crates and shelves. 


There were all kinds of local ciders and juice;


nuts; the famous Summerland fruit syrups (famous, at least, in my mind because I loved them as a child); pickles; honey; cookbooks; a small bakery; an ice cream case; and just about every kind of produce and fruit you could ever want. 


Okanagan locals all have their favourite stand, and a visit to one is a must if you’re passing through. 


They’re ever so wholesome and exemplary of the area, and really, who needs more for lunch than a freshly-baked loaf of bread and a bag of cherries?