Yes, We're Still Alive....

 ...we just took a little break from writing, and are currently preparing to head up north! 

It may be a little confusing; we're 'in' Ontario on the blog, but we're actually currently in Winnipeg, having already been to the east coast and back.  We just can't keep up with all the stories there are to tell, so we'll be writing well into December, even perhaps January.

Tomorrow we board a VIA Rail train for the 48 hour journey to Churchill, Manitoba.  From there, we'll fly to Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, for our final stop on the FEAST trip.  After learning about the food of the north, we'll fly back to Winnipeg, pickup our car, and drive back to Vancouver.  We look forward to sharing the rest of our adventure through the blog, and are very, very grateful to our friends Jenessa and Ian for providing us with the winter gear we need for Nunavut! 

We may have limited internet access with some of our upcoming northern travels, so please bear with us - we'll be back with more FEAST tales before you can say "Lindsay and Dana are going to try muskox." 



Thanks again to VIA Rail for their generous donation of two train tickets to Churchill, MB, and to Calm Air for offering us discounted flights to and from Rankin Inlet, NU.