When we tell people about FEAST, they usually have a whole lot of questions for us.  Here are some, in case you’re curious, too!


When do you leave?

We leave June 27th,  2013, and (if all goes according to plan) we’ll reach St. John’s, Newfoundland by the end of October.

Where are you going?

We’ll start our journey in Vancouver, BC, then make our way to the Yukon, NWT, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, fly up to Nunavut, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, and finally Newfoundland.  In other words, we’re heading to all ten of Canada’s provinces, and all three of its territories.

Why are you going?

We’re doing FEAST because we love Canada, we’ve always wanted to explore it top to bottom, and because we feel our national food culture is sorely under-appreciated.  We’d to provide a collection of stories and photographs that celebrate the people, landscapes, and communities that make our food systems distinct and remarkable.  Because they ARE remarkable!  Just follow along and you’ll see. 

What are you using the funds for that you raise on Indiegogo?

We’re using the money we raise on Indiegogo to help pay for gas, accommodation, food, insurance, web-hosting fees, equipment, and incidental costs during the four months.  We’ve both invested a lot of our own money into the trip, and the Indiegogo funds will help to ensure we can make it the whole way!

If you don’t raise all the money, are you still going?

YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR, WE ARE.  We are a determined and resourceful couple of gals, and we’re leaving on June 27th whether we have all the funds we need or not.  If we need to hold a few fundraisers as we go, we will. 

PS – if you wish to donate your bottom dollar, you may do so here.

What kinds of stories will you be telling?

We’ll be featuring people/places that contribute to our national food culture in a positive way, including people who produce or promote regional food (such as farmers, fishers, chefs, beekeepers), and those who work to ensure all Canadians have access to quality food (such as Richmond, BC’s The Sharing Farm).  We’ll also be highlighting specific foods/dishes we find remarkable and representative of the region in which we find them.  Take the ling-cod fish tacos at Tacofino, for example, which we would eat every day for the rest of our lives if we could, and wish we were eating right now. 

How do you pick the people/places/foods that you feature?

Our itinerary will be determined through personal interest, recommendations from friends and strangers, help from regional tourism boards, and finally, by our pal Spontaneity!  You can only plan so much, after all, and we’re confident that some of the best FEAST stories will be those we stumble upon, unexpectedly. 

Where will you be staying?

We’ll be camping for some of the trip, sometimes hosted by friends, and occasionally staying at B&B’s/cabins that have generously been arranged through regional tourism boards. 

How often will you be posting?

We’ll post to edibleroadtrip.com and provide updates on social media almost daily.  Some of our posts will be longer, more in-depth stories, while others will be quick snapshots of our life on the road.  As long as we’re not lost in some rural wifi-less area (which could happen from time to time), you’ll have new Canadian food stories to read regularly.

And finally, aren’t the two of you going to get really sick of one another?

We LOVE this question!  The answer is yes, of COURSE we’ll get sick of one another.  That’s why we’ve gone ahead and scheduled some Alone Time on our trip.  We’ll say to each other “I don’t wish to see your face for two hours.  Goodbye, and enjoy your independence.”  Then we’ll reconvene with our regular working/laughing/eating together schedule, because that’s what we do.  So no need to worry about us, we’ll be juuuust fine.