We need some help!

Hi everyone,

First, we have some good news:  WE ARE OFFICIALLY GOING TO NUNAVUT!


With this project, our goal has always been to include all ten provinces and three territories, and while it hasn’t been easy sorting out our northward trek, we now have a plan.  Thanks to the helpful and generous folks at Travel Manitoba, Tourism Nunavut, VIA Rail, Frontiers North Adventures, and Calm Air, we’ll be headed to Churchill and Rankin Inlet in mid-November.  We are excited beyond words (and will be acquiring a lot more warm clothing before then).

While most of our trip has been sorted out, we’re still in need of one important thing: accommodation in Churchill.  Our budget doesn’t quite allow for a hotel, and since neither of us know anyone there, we’re asking:

Do YOU know anyone in Churchill, Manitoba?

We’re looking to make some connections in the community, and perhaps be billeted by a family.  We’ll happily sleep on a couch or floor, will be arriving on November 14th, and staying two or three nights. 

Any and all ideas/tips can be sent to hello@edibleroadtrip.com, and we thank you in advance!