Two Sisters Cafe and Being Charmed by Smithers, BC

Is there anything more refreshing than lemonade in the summer?  Yes, rhubarb lemonade, a brilliant pairing I had never considered until our visit to Two Sisters Café in Smithers, BC.

Two Sisters Cafe, as you can imagine, is run by two sisters: Janet and Christine.  The pair started off as a catering company for wedding and events, and recently introduced the café as well.  Aesthetically, it’s a mix of vintage-chic-modern-western, with faux fur pelts covering the chairs and bright windows illuminating the woodwork.  

The food at Two Sisters is hearty, simple, and absolutely artisanal.  Their goods display a wide variety of local and seasonal products, but perhaps most notable for us was the bread.  The loaves were simply beautiful.  They're baked daily by Rustica Bakery, a one woman, home-based operation just outside of town.

Pulled Pork Sandwich with Rustica Bread

Two Sisters Cafe was the second set of sisters we’ve run into who have gone into business together producing fine home-cooked goods.  How many more will we meet along the way?

We initially treated Smithers as quick stop over during a long driving day.  After our meal at the cafe, we were inspired to spend a little more time in this ski town that feels a bit like an alpine village.  We meandered through the streets and visited various other shops that succeeded in charming us, including Bugwood Bean coffee shop and the family-run Sausage Factory Meats. 

The most exciting discovery of the day?  I found dropjes at Sausage Factory Meats!  Dropjes are salted black licorice that come in a variety of forms, a very popular Dutch treat.  Like most children of Dutch descent, I grew up quite addicted to these, and it’s rare to find a shop that sells them.  Lindsay got herself a house made landjaeger to snack on, and witnessed that crazy look I get in my eyes when shoveling these salty treats into a bag.  Smithers was delightful, a must-stop if you're passing through the area. 

We also found this at the Bugwood Bean--what's your advice? 



Here's a tune by Grammy Award nominee and Latin Grammy Award-Winner Alex Cuba.  Born in Cuba, he now calls Smithers home!