Acadian Sturgeon & Caviar

In Saskatchewan we met Dr. Strawberry, and in New Brunswick we happened upon another unique expert: Dr. Sturgeon.  Dr. Cornel Ceapa holds one of the world’s only PhD’s in sturgeon biology and fisheries engineering, and through his company, Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar in Carters Point, NB, he and his family are developing a sustainable aquaculture system for Atlantic sturgeon.  

Fredericton Farmers' Market & Picaroons' Brews

When it comes to farmers markets, we seem to have good timing.  We always arrive just on the right day, and Fredericton was no exception. Our time there was short, but we managed to get in two of the very best things to do in the city: the Boyce Farmer’s Market, and a taste of New Brunswick’s quintessential brews from Picaroons Traditional Ales.