A New Kind of Frozen Dinner: Eating in Winnipeg

We had no idea what kind of food to expect in Winnipeg, but when we heard about a popup restaurant last winter on the frozen Assiniboine and Red Rivers, we knew we were in for good things.  I mean, a RESTAURANT on a FROZEN RIVER with TREE STUMPS FOR CHAIRS and PARKAS and CANVAS WALLS and FLIPPIN’ ELK TARTARE? Come on.  That's solid stuff.

Exploring the Peg

am fully aware that I have never wintered in Manitoba and therefore my opinion may not count, but I think Winnipeg is one of Canada’s best cities.  I loved it when I drove through four years ago, and I love it all over again now.  Winnipeg is a surprising city, exhibiting a strong multicultural presence, and full of great food and gorgeous streets.