Pig Faces, Puckering Up For Cod Fish, & Our Farewell

On our last night in the easternmost spot in Canada, it was appropriate to go out with a big splash.  Our time in St. John’s was complimented by the wonderfully surreal feeling that we’d actually made it as far east as we’d intended, and a kind of nostalgic sadness that the eastward portion of our trip was coming to a close. 

Globe Artichokes Grow in Newfoundland!

Newfoundland is known for many things, but agriculture isn’t necessarily one of them.  High winds, craggy cliffs, and fishing yes, but rich fertile soil?  Not what comes to mind when one thinks of the island.  In reality, however, people have been growing food for decades, and in the 1950’s, Newfoundland was almost entirely self sufficient in food production and consumption.